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Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage

Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage
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Name: Push Back Racking
Material Type: High Strength Steel-/American Standard Steel
Color: RAL Code: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Galvanization, Etc.
Usage Range: General Warehouse Distribution, Logistics, Cold Warehouse Storage, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Food&Beverage, Retail, 3PL, Automotive, Record Storage
Dimension: H:2~16.5Mts,Depth: 2.1~10.5Mts, Width: 1.35~1.5Mts, Customizable As Request
Load Capacity: 500kgs~2000kgs/pallet
Certifications: (RMI) R-Mark Certification/ AS4084/ CE / ISO9001
Safety Accessories: Wire Decks, Column Protectors, Pallet Supports, Etc.
Products Package: Steel Strip, Stretch Film, Corrugated Paper, Bubble Film, Plywood Pallets
Services: Design, Installation, Maintenance
High Light:

2000kgs/pallet Push Back Racking


Cold Storage Q355 Push Back Racking

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Ironstone
Certification: RMI (R-Mark), AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: LIFO-PB Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, Plywood Pallet, bubble film, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Flexible Push Back Racking for Cold Storage From China Factory




Without needing to slow down product rotation or lengthen handling times, push-back pallet racks are the perfect method to organize your warehouse. Compared to lower selectivity systems, such as drive-in racking, push-back pallet racking allows facilities to store more pallets while maintaining more pick faces.



A push-back rack system can give up to 90% more storage space than conventional selected racks. You should anticipate a price increase for push-back pallet racks with an increase in storage of up to 90%. However, a lot of warehouse managers believe that over time, investing in push-back racking is profitable.




Name Push back rack Material Steel
Shelf levels 2~15 tiers per shelving unit Color (RAL Code) Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Etc.
Upright Frame Height 2500mm~15000mm Weight Capacity 500~3000kg per level
Beam Width 1000mm~3900mm Depth 700mm~1500mm
Finish Epoxy Powder Coated for corrosion prevention
Usage Cargos Storage
Package Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, wooden bars, crates, and metal strips, etc.
Accessories Bolts and nuts, Upright protectors, decks, etc.
Certification RMI/AS4084-2012 /CE/ ISO9001
Delivery time 7~25 days as per order quantity
Assemble & installation Detailed assembly instructions are available




How Push Back Racking Work?



Pallets are kept in push-back pallet rack systems on wheeled carts that rest on tracks. Because these systems rely on gravity, the rails are somewhat skewed in the direction of the rack's loading and unloading end. Forklift drivers may now put pallets onto the carts and then push them away while the next pallet is loaded.



The pallet being unloaded serves as a brake for the pallets behind it during unloading. The pallet that was behind the deleted pallet will now be set up at the pick face for unloading.


Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage 0

Advantages of Push Back Racking




♦ Offer more efficient pallet space utilization than the majority of storage systems.



♦ Compared to drive-in rack systems, minimizes the honeycombing impact.



♦ The capacity to store additional SKUs.



♦ Labor savings because forklift operators don't have to remove obstruction-causing pallets.



♦ With the single-aisle design, you can benefit from greater storage rack space.



♦ Pallet loading and unloading is simple and quick.



♦ Each lane uses LIFO, however with the right architecture, FIFO may be easily implemented.



♦ Carts can roll smoothly because of their large, coated wheels.



♦ Sealed bearings that require little maintenance.



♦ Adaptable pallet carts that are typically color-coded.



♦ Cart stack with low profile for maximum storage height.



♦ By avoiding the need for forklifts to enter the rack, rack damage is avoided.

Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage 1

10 Things to Know About Push Back Racking




1. The majority of forklift operators think push-back is simpler to use than regular rack. The rack system normally requires 4 hours to fully understand.



2. Upright damage is reduced since forklifts never enter a push-back mechanism.



3. Push-back aisles often just need to be 6′′ wider than the minimum aisle requirement specified by the manufacturer.



4. With the exception of routine pallet rack safety checks, push-back requires little to no maintenance.



5. Counterbalance, reach, deep reach, swing reach, and even clamp forklift trucks are all compatible with push-back.



6. The typical design allows for a capacity of 3000 pounds per pallet position, although they can be made to hold more weight.



7. Standard GMA pallets are the most typical type of pallet used in push-back systems, although other types of pallets can also be used with a push-back.



8. Push-back often requires 6 to 8 inches more height than conventional selection.



9. To optimize space, push-back is frequently utilized in conjunction with the drive-in.



10. Unless otherwise stated, the structural rack is used in the majority of push-back rack systems in the US.





Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage 2




Push Back Rack Safety




♦ Safe Loading


Always place the first pallet into a lane on the highest rack cart that is accessible. Lifting the pallet at least an inch above the footplate is recommended. When loading and unloading, the pallet must remain level. Make that the pallet is centered on the cart when it is set and is not lying on the push plate. The storage lane is filled when the push plate is no longer discernible.



♦ Safe Unloading


The forklift is the only brake used when removing a pallet from the rack when employing a push-back mechanism, and this is the most crucial guideline to remember. Every other pallet on the rack slides forward as the forklift takes the front pallet from the lane. As a result, the forklift is stopping the remaining pallets.



The remaining pallets could move forward with too much velocity and tumble or fall if the forklift pulls away too rapidly. The eventual effect could range from cargo being destroyed to, even worse, personnel being hurt.





Push-back pallet rack systems require little to no maintenance, although we always advise conducting regular safety inspections on your racking to make sure it is completely secure. When conducting the inspection, pay close attention to any broken frames, loose anchors, damaged carts, or other items that seem out of place.




Flexible Push Back Racking For Cold Storage 3






► What are the push-back pallet rack's benefits and drawbacks?


Push-back pallet racking's greatest benefit is its capacity to provide selectivity (access to various pallets/SKUs) and storage density by holding numerous pallets per location. Push-back pallet rack has rapidly grown in popularity in warehouses over the past few decades due to its characteristic.



► How can I tell if a push-back rack is the best option for my warehouse?


Push-back pallet rack systems are best suited for warehouses with large product volume storage, low pallet density per SKU, and high turnover rates. They won't work in every warehouse, though. It is always advisable to speak with a pallet rack expert who can evaluate your requirements and offer suggestions on which system would be most effective for your application.



► Can you customize a push-back pallet rack?


There are, in fact, specialized push-back pallet rack systems that can be used to further tailor an already specially developed system to certain uses. Specialized pallets, such as extra-long and extra-wide pallets and pallets that are not strong enough to support themselves, can be accommodated by push-back systems. In the latter case, push-back carts have complete mesh supports installed to add more surface area.



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