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High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility

High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility
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Name: High Density Storage Racks Of Drive-in And Push Back
Space Utilization: High Cubic Utilization Rate
Design Feature: Last Pallet In Be The First Pallet Out
Dimension: H:2~16.5Mts,Depth: 2.1~10.5Mts, Width: 1.35~1.5Mts, Customizable As Request
Load Capacity: 500kgs~2000kgs/pallet
Certifications: (RMI) R-Mark Certification/ AS4084/ CE / ISO9001
Safety Accessories: Wire Decks, Column Protectors, Pallet Supports, Etc.
Products Package: Steel Strip, Stretch Film, Corrugated Paper, Bubble Film, Plywood Pallets
High Light:

2m Push Back Warehouse Racking


Push Back Warehouse Racking 500kgs


push back system 500kgs

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Ironstone
Certification: RMI (R-Mark), AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: HQ-PB Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, Plywood Pallet, bubble film, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Warehouse Heavy Duty High-Density Push Back And Drive-In Pallet Racking System


In warehouses, high space utilization is always the pursuing goal for cost-saving and profit-increasing. Selective pallet racks possess excellent selectivity and accessibility but may not satisfy many warehouse owners' calling for condensed rack arrangement.



When choosing between VNA racking, push-back racking, and drive-in racking, the latter two solutions may confuse customers since they have a lot in common. To make a wise choice, learning more knowledge of these two racks will help a lot.

Comparison between pushback and drive-in racks

Pallet rackDrive in rackPush back rack
Storage densityHigh storage densityHigh storage density
Product rotationRelatively slow stock rotationRelatively fast stock rotation
SelectivityLimited products selectivityIndividual pallet selectivity is available


High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 0High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 1
Similarities of push-back rack and drive-in rack
• Obviously, both push-back rack and drive-in rack cut redundant aisles providing more compact pallet position layouts.
• Push-back rack and drive-in rack share similar space utilization rates.
• In these two racking systems, consecutive upright frames are connected by top beams forming uninterrupted storage bays.
• The material handling in both systems follows Last-in/First-out principle.

                    High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 2High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 3
Differences between push-back and drive-in racks

• Drive-in racks use support rails instead of horizontal beams for pallet loads holding; while in push back system, pallet loads are stored on carts with wheels.



• Forklifts in the drive-in system have to drive into the rack's structure for product storing and picking; while push-back forklifts only work at the end of the rack.


• Push-back racks take advantage of gravity force by designing inclined rails with a series of nested carts where automatic product picking can be reached; while in drive-in racking, forklifts will should all the responsibilities.



• In drive in the system, products can store 8 to 10 pallet depths; while in push-back racking, pallet load depth is usually less than 6 pallets. 



• Push-back racking is more efficient and labor-saving compared to drive-in racks since gravity-fed carts are involved.



• Having forklifts never entering the design of the rack, push back system improves the warehouse safety greatly; while drive-in the system needs more protection accessories to the racks due to the strong possibility of crashing. 



• In pushback system offers better selectivity since each pallet load can be picked separately; while drive-in pallet racks are more suitable to large quantity products with limited SKUs.



• Since push back system is engineered with extra carts, the cost of it is more expensive than drive-in racks. 


High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 4High Storage Density Push Back Rack With Speedy Accessibility 5




If you try to pick between the drive-in rack and push-back rack systems, all the factors mentioned above should be carefully considered. If you still have doubts and don't know what to do, contacting Ironstone professional engineers is always a wise choice. 






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