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Smart Warehouse Pallet Radio Shuttle Racking System With Easily Managed

Smart Warehouse Pallet Radio Shuttle Racking System With Easily Managed
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Name: Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking System
Material Type: High Strength Steel
Color: RAL Code: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Galvanization, Etc.
Load Capacity: 1000-5000kg/level
Certifications: (RMI) R-Mark Certification/ AS4084/ CE / ISO9001
Safety Accessories: Customized As Required
Usage Range: Warehouses Requires High Load Capacity And Productivity
Efficiency: High Speed, High Efficiency, Improved Productivity
Stock Rotation: Both FIFO And LIFO Available
Surface Treatment: Powder Coated Or Galvanized, Anti-collision
High Light:

Smart Warehouse Pallet


Warehouse Radio Shuttle Racking System


Smart Radio Shuttle Racking System

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Ironstone
Certification: RMI (R-Mark), AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: HDWS-RSPRS Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, Plywood Pallet, bubble film, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Smart Warehouse Pallet Radio Shuttle Racking System With Easily Managed




The Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack is a high-density racking system that uses a robotic cart (also known as a "shuttle") to move around the racks to facilitate storage and retrieval of goods. Such systems are often used to store large quantities of goods of the same type, such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.
This racking system consists of many columns, beams and horizontal supports, allowing multiple racks to be stacked vertically. The robot car can automatically move between the shelves, move the goods from the entrance to the designated position of the shelf, and then take the goods out of the shelf and transport them to the exit for loading on forklifts or other handling equipment.
The advantages of Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack are that it can save time and space, improve storage efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve safety.



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Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack Components


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Specifications of Radio Shuttle Rack



Item Basic Data Remark
Type High version: TDRII-A-1012-1.5T  
Appropriate Pallet Width:1016mm Depth:1219mm Entry: 1016mm
Max Load Capacity Max 1500kg  
Move Speed Vmax empty:1.5m/s,Vmax full:1.0m/s  
Acceleration ≤0.5m/S2  
Motor Brushless servo motor: 48VDC 600W Imported from America
Servo Driver Brushless servo driver Imported
Lift Lift Height 40mm  
Motor Brushless motor: 48VDC 500W Imported from America
Positioning/Accuracy Move Positioning: laser sensor Germany P+F/SICK
Pallet Positioning: laser sensor Germany P+F/SICK
Lift Positioning: proximity switch Germany P+F
Object Detection Background suppression photoelectricity Germany P+F/SICK
Control System Programmable controller: S7-200 PLC Germany SIEMENS

Work frequency: 433MHZ;

Communication distance: at least 100m if in an open environment.

Imported customized IMT
Two-way communication, with LED display
Temperature:-40℃~+80℃ IP67
Power Supply Lithium iron phosphate power battery Domestic, high quality
Battery Parameter


running time:≥8h;

charging time: 3h;

charge times:1000

Speed Control Mode Servo control, constant torque at low speed  
Shuttle Control Mode Remote control  
Running Noise ≤60db  
Painting Requirements

Frame (black)

Others (light gray)

Ambient temperature

Temperature: 0℃~50℃

Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)

Anti-collision Device Polyurethane cushioning strip and anti-collision sensor are installed on the end surface  



Radio shuttle pallet rack is a high-density storage system designed for the efficient and safe storage of pallets. Some of its key features and advantages are:
►High-density storage: The radio shuttle system allows for high-density storage by enabling deep lane storage of pallets. This maximizes warehouse space utilization and increases storage capacity.
►Automated handling: The radio shuttle system is automated, which reduces the need for manual labor and increases handling efficiency. This makes it ideal for high-volume storage applications.
►Flexibility: The radio shuttle system can handle a variety of pallet sizes and weights, making it suitable for different types of products and industries.
►Safety: The radio shuttle system has safety features that ensure the safe handling and storage of pallets. This includes anti-collision sensors, automatic brakes, and emergency stop buttons.
►Cost-effective: The radio shuttle system can save costs by reducing labor requirements and maximizing storage capacity. It also improves inventory accuracy, reducing the risk of overstocking or stock shortages.

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When using radio shuttle pallet rack, there are several things that should be taken into consideration to ensure safe and effective operation:
♦Proper training: All personnel who operate the radio shuttle system should receive proper training on its use and safety procedures.
♦Regular maintenance: The radio shuttle system should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its proper functioning and safety. Any issues should be addressed promptly.
♦Weight capacity: The radio shuttle system has weight limits for both the shuttle and the pallets it carries. It is important to adhere to these limits to avoid accidents and damage to the system.
♦Compatibility: The radio shuttle system should be compatible with the pallets being stored. This includes ensuring that the pallets fit within the system's specifications and that the pallets are compatible with the shuttle's handling capabilities.
♦System configuration: The radio shuttle system's configuration should be properly designed to suit the warehouse's layout and the specific requirements of the products being stored.
♦Emergency procedures: Emergency procedures should be in place in case of any incidents, such as shuttle malfunctions or collisions.

Warehouse Solution Designing


Ironstone has its own design consultants who are experienced in offering you optimal storage solutions for optimizing your material and information flow. Based on engineering design, computer modeling, and CAD software design, we have successfully provided thousands of storage solutions for our customers. Through a win-win combination, we can assure you of your success in managing your goods by means of our professional technology and risk management.

We can satisfy your various design requirements!

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