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Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage

USD $0.85/KG
Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage
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Name: Carton Flow Racking
Material: High Strength Steel/American Standard Steel
Color: RAL Code: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Grey, White, Etc.
Usage: General Warehouse Distribution, Logistics, Cold Warehouse Storage, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Food&Beverage, Retail, 3PL, Automotive, Record Storage
Dimension: Customized As Required
Pallet Weight: Up To 1500kg
Finish: Pre-galvanized Or Painted
Certification: RMI(R-Mark Certification)/ AS4084-2012 / CE / ISO9001
Services: Free CAD Design, ODM&OEM, Transportation, Project Installation, Systems Maintenance Etc.
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Multi Level Roller Pallet Racking


Gravity Carton Roller Pallet Racking

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Certification: RMI, AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: D-PF Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, cartons, wooden bars, crates, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Equipment Warehouse Storage Roller Pallet Racking




Carton flow storage racking is frequently encountered in warehouses with high-volume order picking and a First-In/First-Out product rotation. The product (boxes or cartons) is loaded into these gravity-driven warehouse rack systems from the back, and it flows to the front of the rack system for picking and packing. These products often feature candy, small parts, or small boxes, as well as split cases and piece-choosing products.



To match your SKUs, custom-built span-track or carton flow storage systems can be created. A "psychologist" is a requirement when planning the layout of your warehouse because of the changeable shelf levels and many roller possibilities. Finding the ideal solution through application analysis is a specialty of our psychologists. Are you a distributor or producer of beer trying to maximize storage in your warehouse, increase productivity, and make your warehouse more ergonomic? Visit the webpage for Ironstone Storage.




Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage 0


Carton flow is a case-picking technique that works well with industrial systems for picking products by the layer from complete pallets. These systems can be specially designed to enhance the traffic flow during order fulfillment.



Name Pallet flow rack Material

Roll-formed steel

Structural steel

Shelf levels 2~12 tiers per shelving unit Color Customized
Height Customized
Weight Capacity 150~800kg per shelf
Width Customized
Depth Customized
Finish Epoxy Powder Coated Corrosion Prevention
Usage Cargoes/Boxes/Non-palletized product Storage
Package Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, cartons, wooden bars, crates, metal strips, etc.
Certification RMI/AS4084-2012 /CE/ ISO9001
Delivery time 7~25 days according to the order quantity
Assemble & installation Easy assemble with detailed instruction 




How does Carton Flow Rack Works?


A FIFO (first-in, first-out) storage system is a carton flow rack. Both standalone devices and pallet rack systems can be used to implement carton flow. On one side of the pallet rack system, the cartons or boxes are loaded, and after sliding down the wheel bed, are picked up from the opposite end.


Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage 1


Benefits of Carton Flow


►Picking in first-in, first-out order.



►Use of less floor space.



►Decreased labor costs.



►Minimal product harm.



►Improved inventory management.



►It can be utilized with pallet racks that are already in use.



►Less time spent working.



►Simple to modify or res lot.




Types of Carton Flow



♦ Roller Lanes


In roller lanes, full-width steel or aluminum rollers are normally suspended between two channels on separate axles. Rollers can rotate independently of one another because of this design. Large surface areas offered by full-width rollers evenly distribute the weight of totes and boxes over the rollers. Full-width roller lanes reduce the possibility of roller wheels leaving impressions on cartons by dispersing the load in this manner.



Roller lanes are frequently employed in activities that don't require a wide range of carton sizes and in applications that demand specialized lanes of carton flow.



♦ Wheel Beds


Rows of plastic, steel, or aluminum wheels are suspended between two channels to form wheel beds. While many wheel bed options feature bearings that enable the wheels to turn easily and independently of one another, each row of wheels is placed on a single axle.



To evenly distribute the weight of the cartons throughout the bed, wheel beds often have a system of alternating or staggered wheels. This minimizes the possibility of imprinting by ensuring that no wheel or group of wheels bears more weight than the rest of the bed.



In contrast to full-width rollers, wheel beds can be positioned side by side, providing a continuous bed of carton flow across an entire level. Wheel beds are therefore perfect for operations where there is a lot of variation in carton sizes and where bays need to be re-slotted for a shifting product line.




Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage 2



♦ Tilted Shelving


Solid metal or mesh wire is used to construct tilted shelves. In order to allow SKUs to move forward when an item is picked, they lean toward the pick face. The tilt makes the top of the carton visible to the order picker, improving visibility and accessibility for split case selection.



Tilted shelves don't have a "dead zone," or a place at the back of the shelf that an order picker can't access, in contrast to flat, static shelving. As a result, order pickers won't have to use a shepherd's hook and won't participate in risky picking techniques like climbing a rack to get to a product in the dead zone.



Slow-moving SKUs are ideally suited for titled shelves. Tilted shelves are not the best option for SKUs that require frequent refilling because they are often much shallower in depth than roller lanes, wheel beds, and wheel rails.



♦ Wheel Rails



Wheel rails are wheels installed directly inside a channel, made of steel, aluminum, or plastic. Wheel rail versions come in a wide variety; some have wheels placed on separate axles, while others have rigid studs mounted inside the channel. Wheel rails can either have a single vertical line of wheels or an alternating wheel design. Due to the independence of one wheel rail from the next, the rails can be arranged and spaced differently.



Multi-Level Gravity Carton Flow Logistic Rack For Reducing Damage 3



Since wheel rails are not load-bearing, the rack must provide intermediate support. If the wheel rails within the rack are not parallel, containers like boxes and totes may become trapped on the rails. In order to prevent rail movement and carton imprinting, wheel rails are ultimately most effective when moving smaller, lighter cartons.


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