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Convenient And Simple Warehouse FIFO High Density Drive In Pallet Racking System

Convenient And Simple Warehouse FIFO High Density Drive In Pallet Racking System
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Name: Drive In Denser Pallet Storage Racking
Feature: LIFO Stock Rotation For Bulky Products
Supports: Before Sale And After Sale Services
Color: RAL Code: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Galvanization, Etc.
Certifications: R-Mark Certification/ AS4084/ CE / ISO9001
Dimension: H:2~16.5Mts,Depth: 2.1~10.5Mts, Width: 1.35~1.5Mts, Customizable As Request
Material Type: High Strength Steel/American Standard Steel
Products Package: Steel Strip, Stretch Film, Corrugated Paper, Bubble Film, Plywood Pallets
Usage Range: General Warehouse Distribution, Logistics, Cold Warehouse Storage, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Food&Beverage, Retail, 3PL, Automotive, Record Storage
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Drive In Pallet Racking System


FIFO Pallet Racking System


Warehouse Drive In Racking System

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Ironstone
Certification: RMI, AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: HD-DI Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, cartons, plywood pallet, bubble film, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Convenient And Simple Warehouse FIFO High-Density Drive In Pallet Racking System



Drive-in pallet rack is a pallet racking system where pallets are stored in channels that allow forklifts to drive directly into the storage lanes. These systems offer dense storage and are ideal for storing large quantities of the same product. Drive-in pallet racks are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers where space is at a premium. They can increase storage capacity by up to 60% compared to conventional racking systems.



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The working principle of Drive-in pallet rack



Drive-in pallet rack is a type of storage system that utilizes a high-density storage configuration where palletized goods are stored in the form of corridors. The primary principle of this system is to maximize storage space while minimizing the number of aisles required for accessing pallets.
The drive-in pallet rack system operates using a last-in, first-out (LIFO) approach. This means that the last pallet loaded onto the rack is the first pallet to be retrieved when it's time for picking. The system is designed to enable forklifts to drive into the rack to pick or drop off a pallet. Due to the system's compact design, the forklifts operate in aisles created by the pallets themselves, reducing the required space for accessing pallets.
The system design includes support rails mounted on both sides of the pallet rack to hold the pallets. The rails are inclined towards the direction of forklift access to ease the movement of pallets in and out of the rack. The forklift operator enters the system's access lane and drives along the rails, using a gentle push to position the pallet until it finds an available storage location.
The drive-in pallet rack system is suitable for storing large quantities of homogenous products. Examples of products suitable for this system include food and beverage products, and any other items that follow the LIFO storage approach. The system offers high storage density, reducing the required floor space, and efficiently utilizing available vertical space.


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Advantages of Drive-in Pallet Racking
1. Can be used with standard forklifts: Drive-in pallet racks are designed to accommodate standard forklifts, making them an economical choice for many businesses.
2. Efficient use of space: Drive-in pallet racks allow for a high density of storage, as pallets can be placed on top of each other and accessed from the same lane.
3. Last-in-first-out (LIFO) storage: The design of drive-in pallet racks prioritizes the last pallets to be loaded to be the first to be removed, making them ideal for businesses that use a first-expiry-last-out (FEFO) inventory system.
4. Limited selectivity: Due to the configuration of drive-in pallet racks, the selectivity of individual pallets is limited, making them a good choice for businesses that store large quantities of the same SKU.
5. Less aisle space required: Because drive-in pallet racks only require a narrow aisle for forklift access, they require less aisle space than other types of pallet racking.
6. Increased throughput: Drive-in pallet racks allow for a greater throughput of goods, as forklift operators don't need to travel as far to access pallets.
7. Suitable for both large and small facilities: Drive-in pallet racks can be adapted to the specific needs of a business, making them suitable for both large and small facilities.
Specifications of Drive-in Pallet Racks
Type Warehouse drive-in pallet racking system
Color RAL color system, customized
Load Capacity Customized load ranged from 1000kg-2000kg per pallet
Material Roll-formed steel with high quality
Working principle First in-Last out(FILO)
Standard accessories Safety protectors, bolts, nuts, safety pin
Component Upright frame(upright, horizontal bracing, diagonal bracing), beams, pallet rails




This is the most frequent and commonly used static compact system, and it is utilized mostly in the following situations:
1. Warehouses with limited available space or a greater cost per square meter of construction area must be thoroughly optimized.
2. Warehouses where no direct touch with unit commodities is required. 
3. Non-perishable commodities warehouses with inventory times independent of racking system drives (last-in, first-out management).
4. Perishable goods warehouses, such as drive-through racking systems (first-in, first-out management).
5. Homogeneous products must be stored with a large number of pallets of the same reference, and the turnover rate is low.
6. Cold storage warehouses, as correct temperature distribution and cost savings necessitate compression and space optimization.
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Our Product Quality Assurance and Certificate
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Ironstone has its design consultants who are experienced in offering you optimal storage solutions for optimizing your material and information flow. Based on engineering design, computer modeling, and CAD software design, we have successfully provided thousands of storage solutions for our customers. Through a win-win combination, we can assure you of your success in managing your goods by means of our professional technology and risk management.




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