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Remotely Controlled Warehouse Automatic Radio Shuttle Storage Rack With Low Labor Cost

Remotely Controlled Warehouse Automatic Radio Shuttle Storage Rack With Low Labor Cost
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Name: Radio-shuttle Pallet Rack
Material Type: High Strengh Steel-Q355/Amercian Standrad Steel
Color: RAL Code: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Galvanization, Etc.
Dimension: H:2~16.5Mts,Depth: 2.1~10.5Mts, Width: 1.35~1.5Mts, Customizable As Request
Load Capacity: 500kgs~2000kgs/pallet
Certifications: (RMI) R-Mark Certification/ AS4084/ CE / ISO9001
Safety Accessories: Wire Decks, Column Protectors, Pallet Supports, Etc.
Usage Range: Automated Product Storage And Retrieval Warehouses
Key Component: Radio Shuttle Cars
Efficiency: High Speed, High Efficiency, Improved Productivity
Stock Rotation: Both FIFO And LIFO Available
Maintenance: Regular Checks And Charges For Shuttle Cars
High Light:

Q355 Radio Shuttle Racking System


Radio Shuttle Racking System FIFO


Q355 FIFO Pallet Racking

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Ironstone
Certification: RMI (R-Mark), AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: HD-RS Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, Plywood Pallet, bubble film, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking System for Automated Storage and Retrieval Storage




Radio shuttle pallet racking system is a semi-automated storage and retrieval storage solution that allows for high density storage. It can be configured into either LIFO( last in, first out) or FIFO(first in, first out) rotation order depending on the characteristics of the stored cargoes.



Through this semi-automated compact storage system with shuttle trucks, the loading unit is moved by the shuttle within the channel, thus preventing the lift truck from driving into the racking structure.

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This system consists of racking frames joined by beams supporting the rails, which serve to store pallets in the depth and for the movement of the shuttle. The shuttle moves autonomously on the rails, putting the load into its corresponding location.


Due to the fact that the lift truck does not need to drive into the racking structure, the handling times are reduced, increasing the storage capacity in depth. The risk of accidents or damage on the racking is dramatically optimized their movements and the operations in the reduced, warehouse workers warehouse are more optimized.

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How does the radio shuttle pallet racking system work?



Radio shuttle cart is the key part of the system. It is placed underneath pallets and in charge of carrying pallet loads in rack lanes. Radio shuttle pallet racks are equipped with guide rails and tracks on each lane. Pallets are directly put on the top of guide rails and radio shuttle cart is able to travel through the tracks to transport pallets.



When the radio shuttle cart arrives at the desired pallet, a platform raises to support the pallet and elevate it a few inches. Then the shuttle cart will smoothly carry the pallet to the front of the lane for unloading the pallet. Likewise, the shuttle cart will transport every to the right position for loading.


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The radio shuttle cart is battery-powered, which can be managed through remote control. Thus, forklift operators only need to work at the end of the racking system and do not have to drive into the system, greatly reducing labor cost.




Specifications of Radio Shuttle Cart




Basic Data



High version: TDRII-A-1012-1.5T


Appropriate Pallet

Width:1016mm Depth:1219mm

Entry: 1016mm

Max Load Capacity

Max 1500kg




Vmax empty:1.5m/s,Vmax full:1.0m/s






Brushless servo motor: 48VDC 600W

Imported from America

Servo Driver

Brushless servo driver



Lift Height




Brushless motor: 48VDC 500W

Imported from America


Move Positioning:laser sensor

Germany P+F/SICK

Pallet Positioning:laser sensor

Germany P+F/SICK

Lift Positioning:proximity switch

Germany P+F

Object Detection

Background suppression photoelectricity

Germany P+F/SICK

Control System

Programmable controller:S7-200 PLC



Work frequency: 433MHZ;

Communication distance: at least 100m if in open environment.

Imported customized IMT

Two-way communication, with LED display

Temperature:-40℃~+80℃ IP67

Power Supply

Lithium iron phosphate power battery

Domestic, high quality

Battery Parameter


  running time:≥8h;

  charging time: 3h;

  charge times:1000


Speed Control Mode

Servo control, constant torque at low speed


Shuttle Control Mode

Remote control


Running Noise



Painting Requirements

  Frame (black)

  Others (light gray)


Ambient temperature

  Temperature: 0℃~50℃

  Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)


Anti-collision Device

Polyurethane cushioning strip and anti-collision sensor are installed on the end surface


Safety Features of Radio Shuttle Cart



Every radio shuttle cart is outfitted with numerous sensors including detection sensor and resistance sensor. Detection sensors are able to detect pallets and obstacles. When sensors detect an obstruction in the path, the shuttle will stop moving and make a sound to alarm users of an issue. Resistance sensors work when two pallets are closing. When storing pallets close together, the car will detect when two pallets are touching and gracefully releases the pallet.




Benefits of Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking System



♦ Increased productivity: The operator can perform other functions while the shuttle car moves the load unit back into the channel, increasing productivity.




♦ High density storage: Make use of 100% of storage locations and up to 90% of the warehouse surface.




♦ Less handling time: forklift operators do not have to drive into the system, reducing the working time compared with a standard drive-in system.




♦ Medium / high product turnover.




♦ One SKU per channel.




♦ Enhanced safety: Fewer incidents as the lift truck does not enter the racking channels.





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