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The Slide in the Confectionery Warehouse

March 2, 2023

Latest company case about The Slide in the Confectionery Warehouse

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Check out the mezzanine floor with a slide in this warehouse in Ireland! 


Before: Food and confectioneries were packed in boxes and stacked on the floor, leaving the warehouse cluttered with piles, making it difficult to store or access goods. 


The request was to improve the utilization rate and facilitate the operation of the warehouse. 


After: A steel platform was used, and since the boxed goods were heavy, they were put on the hydraulic trolley and then taken up or down by the lift to the platform. 


latest company case about The Slide in the Confectionery Warehouse  0


Taking into account the date of production, goods needed to be picked up in batches. Therefore, a slide was installed for picking up small amounts of goods, saving manpower and making the process more convenient. 


With the use of a structural steel platform (mezzanine floor), goods can be stored on 2 tiers, increasing the space utilization rate by at least 2 times. Customized projects according to the actual needs of the customer contributed to simplified and convenient warehouse storage. 

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