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Custom shelving case

August 21, 2023

Latest company case about Custom shelving case

A well-known online clothing company found IRONSTONE services in the process of relocating its warehouse. The company offers custom clothing and accessories. The company has a pre-determined location but needs the expertise to improve the efficiency of its picking and packaging systems.
IRONSTONE Evaluated the warehouse space and the company's current process. It is determined that the company will benefit from:

Our engineers developed a warehouse layout that describes the specified space for each material handling solution.


1. Cabinet shelf for quick selection. Each box contains the items of the same SKU.

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2. Selective tray racks are used to fit bulk clothing. This shelf allows placing boxes of various sizes throughout the shelf, making it an effective way to store a variety of clothing that may require boxes of different sizes.

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3. Picking vehicles equipped with containers is considered the best solution for the pickers to retrieve the products from the picking area, organize the products through shipment, and deliver the products to the printing area.

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4.The packing table is located near the delivery channel, and it is very convenient. These tables are the standard shelf-packed tables.

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Since 1998, it has been providing material handling systems for the warehousing and distribution industry. We know that not all products fit into typical rack options. Our team of engineers specifically evaluate SKUs and design storage systems based on them, allowing your system to take full advantage of every inch of available storage space.



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