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Case study of selective pallet rack+ carton flow rack + cantilever rack

August 18, 2023

Latest company case about Case study of selective pallet rack+ carton flow rack + cantilever rack

An auto parts manufacturer is moving their storage systems to a new expansion building. The new extension provided the 7 ft. More vertical storage space than the existing space. The company stocks a lot of SKUs, which vary widely in size and shape. The company's material processing system in the existing space is not customized to properly store the range. This leads to a waste of "space" in many selective rack brackets. They want to solve this problem by building a new material processing system in the new space to better accommodate their product line.


Layout options

Several layout solutions of different heights are designed to maximize the company's vertical storage and accommodate products of all sizes. The company reviewed the designs along with IRONSTONE to determine which design was best for them.


Material handling systems for different stocks


The project manager will execute the project in two phases so that the company can maintain its operations. The first phase includes the standard selective pallet rack project, as well as products with longer double-deep selective pallet racks. For a smaller inventory, carton flow is implemented at the manual picking level.

The second phase requires providing storage solutions for longer products such as flat steel plates. Due to the height limitations of the overhead crane, IRONSTONE designed a double-sided cantilever system with seven storage layers each. The maximum weight of each layer of support is 6,000 pounds.

latest company case about Case study of selective pallet rack+ carton flow rack + cantilever rack  0


Optimized storage facilities

The company's new material-handling systems are now uniquely designed to maximize their vertical storage capacity. Integrated selectivity, carton flow, and cantilever shelf systems enable easy storage and faster access to products of different sizes.


How to improve factory productivity

If you need to update your storage facility to increase storage density and throughput, please contact IRONSTONE immediately. Our dedicated team of material processing experts will work with you to provide you with solutions for optimizing storage and distribution operations. We are experienced in identifying inefficiencies and implementing improved systems. For more information or quotes, we hope to have the opportunity to help you further.


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