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Versatile And Durable Slotted Angle Shelving Racking Corrosion Preventive

Versatile And Durable Slotted Angle Shelving Racking Corrosion Preventive
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Name: Rivet Shelving
Material: High Quality Steel
Color: White, Blue, Gray, Orange
Logo: Customized Logo With Brand Name
Dimension: H:1.5~3.0Mts,Depth: 0.45~1.2Mts, Width: 1~3.9Mts, Customizable As Request
Load Capacity: 200 Kg~1000 Kg Per Layer
Certification: RMI(R-Mark Certification)/ AS4084-2012 / CE / ISO9001
Services: Free CAD Design, ODM&OEM, Transportation, Project Installation, Systems Maintenance Etc.
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Slotted Angle Shelving Racking


Steel Q355 Slotted Angle Shelving


Corrosion Preventive Slotted Angle Rack

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Certification: RMI, AS4084, ISO9001, CE
Model Number: LSS Model
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, cartons, wooden bars, crates, and metal strips, etc.
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Tons per month
Product Description

Versatile and Durable Slotted Angle Shelving Racking




Slotted angle shelving is a type of adjustable shelving system that is perfect for warehouses, garages, and other areas where storage is needed. This system consists of a series of metal shelves that are attached to vertical slotted angle posts. The design of this shelving allows for easy customization and expansion, making it a versatile storage solution for various needs.


One of the biggest advantages of slotted angle shelving is its versatility. The shelves can be easily adjusted and moved to accommodate different heights and sizes of stored items. Additionally, the design allows for the addition of new shelves or the removal of old ones, making it easy to expand or modify the storage system as needed.


Another benefit of slotted angle shelving is its durability. The metal construction is strong and sturdy, able to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. This makes it an ideal solution for environments where heavy items need to be stored and accessed frequently.


Slotted angle shelving is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The design is simple, allowing for quick assembly without special tools or expertise. Additionally, the metal construction is resistant to corrosion and damage, requiring little upkeep to keep it in good condition.


Overall, slotted angle shelving is a versatile, durable, and easy-to-use storage solution for various environments. Whether you need to store heavy equipment in a warehouse or organize tools in a garage, this shelving system provides an efficient and effective way to keep your items organized and easily accessible.


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Slotted angle Shelving Specifications Reference


Name Slotted Angle Shelving Material High Strength Steel
Shelf levels 2~12 tiers per shelving unit Color Gray, White, Black, Blue, Etc.
Height 1500mm~5000mm Weight Capacity 150~800kg per shelf
Width 1000mm~2700mm Depth 400mm~1200mm
Finish Epoxy Powder Coated for corrosion prevention
Usage Cargos Storage
Package Plastic stretch film, corrugated paper, Cartons, wooden bars, crates, metal strips, etc.
Certification RMI/AS4084-2012 /CE/ ISO9001
Delivery time 7~25 days according to the order quantity
Assemble & installation Detailed assembly instructions are available


There are several advantages of using slotted angle shelving in industrial and commercial settings


Firstly, slotted angle shelving is highly versatile and can be easily customized to suit the specific storage requirements of the user. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that need to store a wide variety of items of different sizes and shapes.


Secondly, slotted angle shelving is incredibly strong and durable. Made from high-quality materials, such as galvanized steel, these shelves can withstand heavy loads and are resistant to damage, making them ideal for use in environments that are prone to wear and tear.


Thirdly, slotted angle shelving is easily adjustable, meaning that it can be easily modified as storage needs change over time. This enhances its flexibility and ensures that it remains a valuable investment for years to come.


Fourthly, slotted angle shelving is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and can be cleaned easily. This saves businesses a lot of time and money, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their operations.


Finally, slotted angle shelving is cost-effective, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers excellent value for money, especially when compared to other types of shelving systems.



Slotted angle shelving is a type of storage system that is designed to be easy to assemble and versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of storage needs. The system is made up of several key components, including:


1. Angle Irons – These are the building blocks of slotted angle shelving. Typically made of steel, angle irons are L-shaped pieces that can be joined together to create a variety of configurations, including shelves, racks, and frames.


2. Corner Plates – As the name implies, corner plates are used to reinforce the corners of slotted angle shelving units. These are often bolted into place to provide added stability and strength.


3. Shelf Brackets – These are the components that hold shelves in place on slotted angle shelving. They typically attach to the angle irons using bolts or other fasteners.


4. Shelves – Slotted angle shelving can be configured with a variety of different shelf types, including wire mesh, wood, and plastic. The type of shelf used will depend on the specific requirements of the storage application.


5. Accessories – There are a range of accessories available for slotted angle shelving, including dividers, bin fronts, and label holders. These accessories can help to further organize and optimize the storage space.


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Slotted angle shelving installation process


Slotted angle shelving is an affordable and flexible storage solution that can be customized to suit your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing slotted angle shelving in your home or office.


Step 1: Measure and plan


Determine the size and number of shelves you need. Measure the space where you want to install the shelving and sketch a plan, marking the position of each shelf.


Step 2: Assemble the frame


Lay out the slotted angle bars to create the frame for the shelving unit. Use a level to ensure that the frame is even and straight. Secure the bars together using bolts and nuts.


Step 3: Install the shelves


Once the frame is secure, install the shelves at the desired height. Adjust the height of each shelf as needed. To secure the shelves in place, slide shelf clips or brackets onto the angle bars and adjust the position of the shelves accordingly.


Step 4: Add braces and accessories


To strengthen the shelving unit, add diagonal braces to the corners using bolts and nuts. You can also add accessories such as hooks or baskets to the shelves to maximize storage space.


Step 5: Check the stability


Check the stability of the shelving unit by giving it a gentle shake. All parts should be securely fastened and the unit should be level. Re-adjust as needed.



Potential Applications

Ironstone offers a complete line of well-built, long-lasting rivet shelf components in a variety of sizes to fit any purpose, including:



♦Storage of small parts


♦Storage of auto parts


♦Hand picking 


♦Archive storage for records


♦Storage in the basement


♦Storage for retail purposes


♦Tire storage and clothing storage are examples of specialty usage


Our Products are Packaged



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Q1:Does all racks produced by your company?


A1: Yes, we're a direct manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, main products of us include Pallet Racking, Shelving, Radio shuttles, Cantilever, Mezzanines, etc. All products are 100% produced by ourselves.




Q2: Where is your company located?


A2: Our factory is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, close to Nanjing Port, convenient for delivery 90,000 sqm production plant, which enables a strong production capacity and stable quality.




Q3: What certification do your products pass?


A3: We're ISO9001 certificated company. Rack systems are strictly designed and produced based on CE and AS4084:2012 standards for storage racks, and comply with FEM and RMI standards.




Q4 How long of your warranty period?


A4: We afford a 10-year warranty and lifetime insurance services of all racking products. Any quality issues caused by the quality of products, we'll provide free parts for replacement.




Q5: Are you able to provide installation service?


A5: We have a mature installation team with rich project experience. Our engineer could come to the project site for complicated cases and help clients with installation work. Normally, we can offer solutions for your problem through email, mob, and video calls within 24 hours.




Q6:Do you provide the samples?


A6: We can provide the product samples for you to test. Samples can be transported by sea, land, and air.




Q7: Can OEM/ODM?


A7:We can provide OEM ODM service, we know that brand owners care about the quality of products, so our products from the choice of materials, and product style design will be strictly by your product design drawing design.


At the same time, we have a professional research and development team. If you need a product with special functions and requirements, you can also communicate your ideas with us.


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